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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Walking down Seppings Road, Bangalore

At about 3:45pm, Tahir and I went looking for lunch. The initial plan was to go down to MG Road and eat somewhere there, but as we walked down St. John's Church road, I noticed a road that neither of us had ever been down. Turned onto Seppings road and decided to enter the first eating place we found.

The first one was Tea Corner, and we got in there and had tea (Tahir says it was brown milk). 2 glasses for Rs.5.

Moved on from there, and came across a large temple. I'm unable to pronounce the name, or remember the spelling, but it started with M and ended with amma. We entered a south indian restaurant soon after and had two plates Idli Vada - Rs.16.

Went on a bit more and got into Tea house. Had 2 glasses tea and some biscuits for Rs.8.

At this point Tahir was too full to eat anymore, although I could have stopped for pani puri or something else.

After that just walked down, taking random turns, and ended up near commercial street, from where we knew our way to MG Road.